2021 Competition Schedule

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Wednesday August 25 (all times are local Montreal times, Eastern Daylight Time EDT, UTC-4)
Live stream access via: https://ijcai-21.org/ijcai-virtual-venue-access/
Angry Birds AI Competition (IJCAI Room: @Blue 4)
02:00-03:00   Semi Final session (Live)
  02:00-02:15 Welcome and Introduction
    02:15-02:45 Semi Final (Live streaming)
      (Agent X, Bambirds 2019 (previous winner), Bambirds 2021, MEMI, Shiro)
      Results: 1. Bambirds 2021, 2. Agent X, 3. Bambirds 2019, 4. MEMI, 5. Shiro
 03:00-05:00     Competition Break: We will show the replay of the Semi Final
 05:00-06:00     Grand Final session (Live)
    05:00-05:15 Welcome and introduction
    05:15-05:45  GRAND FINAL (Live streaming)
       (Bambirds 2021 vs Agent X)
     05:45-06:00  Summary and Winner announcement
 06:00-09:00    Competition Break: We will show the replay of the Grand Final
Angry Birds Novelty Track (IJCAI Room: @Blue 4)
  09:00-10:00     Novelty Track session (Live)
  09:00-09:45 Novelty Track
      Participants: Bambirds, Dongqing 1, PARC, Shiro, SIFT, UMass
     09:45-10:00 Closing remarks