Offline Chrome Version

NEW (Links updated on November 5, 2019): the current Chrome version does not support the Angry Birds game anymore. We therefore recommend you download and install a specific Chromium version, which works and does not autoupdate. Please use the following links to download Chromium for your respective operating system: 


The website that used to host the Angry Birds game has been switched off. Therefore, the only way to continue play the Chrome version of Angry Birds is by using the offline version of the game. When the website was still running it was possible to save the game to play offline, which was then stored in the Chrome Application Cache. By copying the Application Cache and installing it on a new computer, the game will run normally on the new computer as if you saved it yourself. 

We have obtained permission from Rovio to distribute our offline version to prospective participants of the AIBIRDS competition, provided you sign the permission form and return it to us. If you are interested in obtaining the offline version, please download the permission form, add your team name, the names of your team lead, your team members and your affiliation, let the team lead sign it and send the form back to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with subject line "AIBIRDS OFFLINE VERSION". Please use an official email address matching your affiliation. Once this is approved, we will send you the offline version.

Once you received the offline version, please use the following steps to install it:

  1. Unzip the file Application, you will have a folder named "Application Cache".
  2. Close all your Chromium windows and kill all the background Chromium processes.
  3. Set the file system so that it shows all hidden files.
  4. Go to the directory
    • For Windows: C:\\Users\$your_user_profile$\AppData\Local\Chromium\User Data\Default
    • For Linux: /home/$your_user_profile$/.config/Chromium/Profile 1/
    • For Mac: /Users/$your_user_profile$/Library/Application Support/Chromium/Default
  5. You will see a folder named "Application Cache" (if you don't see it just skip the first part of the next step)
  6. Change the name of that folder (to anything you can remember), and copy the one you just downloaded into the directory
  7. Restart Chromium and access the game by loading

If this works for you, we recommend you do not update Chromium until the end of the competition. You may have to copy the folder into the directory every time before you start the game (unlikely). This may or may not work for you and for your computer. But from experience it has always worked so far. Please let us know if you have any issues, or if you have a better solution.