Getting Started (Competitive Track, version 1)

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Note: If you have issues with accessing the game, please see here for a possible solution (requires login).


The new competitive track requires you to run a game server that interfaces between the agents and the game. The demo agent will only work together with the corresponding game server. Since the game server always pairs agents, you will have to run 2, 4, 6, or 8 instances of the demo agent (or different agents) at the same time.  

If you follow these instructions carefully, the demo agents should work well on your system:

1. Please download and install the latest version of Google Chrome at

2. Please download and install the latest Java version at

3. Please download the zipped repository of the latest AIBirds Competitive Track Software (
-a. Create a folder "AIBirds-NewTrack" and unzip the repository into that folder
-b. The folder should then contain a subfolder called "plugins" and a java executable new_track_demo_agent.jar among other files. 

4. Please install both Chrome extensions. The extensions are located in the folder "plugins". 
-a. In Chrome, go to Settings->Tools->Extensions
-b. Tick "Developer Mode"
-c. Click "Load unpacked extensions..."
-d. Select one of the folders in the "plugins" folder and confirm
-e. Make sure the new extensions is enabled"
-f. Repreat this for the other subfolder of the "plugins" folder

5. In order to run the Game Server follow these steps:
-a. Open a terminal or shell that allows you to run java
-b. Navigate to the "AIBirds-NewTrack" folder where you installed the unzipped repository
-c. Run this command: "java -jar new_track_server.jar"  to start the server software
-d. You will now see the control window for the server which shows 8 slots for participating agents.

6. Open Angry Birds in Chrome by going to (see above)
-a. Click on SD on the bottom left of the game window
-b. Click "PLAY" and then click on "Poached Eggs" on the bottom left
-c. You will now see the "Level Selection" window
-d. Repeat this for each additional pair of agents, i.e., for 2n agents, you will need n new Chrome windows running Angry Birds (not just new tabs). 

7. In order to start the participating agents, use the following steps:
-a. Open another terminal or shell that allows you to run java for each participating agent (this can be on a different computer on which the software is installed!)
-b. Navigate to the "AIBirds-NewTrack" folder where you installed the unzipped repository
-c. Run this command: "java -jar new_track_demo_agent.jar 1234" (IP address followed by an integer as team ID)  to start one demo agent. (If you are running the agent on a different computer, please specify the IP address of the server instead.) Note that Angry Birds Chrome must run on the same computer as the Server software.
-d. Repeat steps a-c for each agent, with a different team ID for each agent.  

8. You can now start the competition by pressing "Start" in the server control window. The agents will now be randomly paired and will start playing the same levels according to the competitive track protocol, i.e., they bid on the first shot and then play alternating shots.  
-a. Once a level is solved it should automatically progress to the next level. Once all levels are solved, the agents will be paired with other agents and play the same levels again until every agent played all levels with every other agent. 
-b. The agent behaviour can be seen in each agents terminal. We have not yet implemented a version that displays the current state of the competition in a more user-friendly way. This will be added soon. 
-c. An agent only plays when its tab is active. If you switch tab, the agent pauses. You can minimize the browser window and it continues playing, but the tab must be active.

9. Issues that require manual intervention: 
-a. If there is a pop up that needs confirmation, please manually click on the confirm button in the pop up and the agent will then continue
-b. In very rare cases, the slingshot is not detected. If this happens, please finish the level manually. 
-c. On the right side of the image there is a MENU that opens depending on how you move the mouse. Please make sure the menu is invisible by moving your mouse accordingly. 

10. For further details on the new competitive track please refer to the documentation "NewTrack.pdf" included in the "doc" subfolder.

11. If you have any questions about the new software, please contact Rohan Verma < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. > who implemented it. 

A. Make sure the Chrome plugins are enabled
B. Make sure SD mode is selected and not HD mode
c. DO NOT run the game in full screen mode 

The problem with HD or full screen mode is that the image resolution will then depend on your computer hardware and on your screen resolution. This can possibly stuff up our computer vision module.
In SD mode, the game image should always be 840-by-480 pixels. If for whatever reason SD mode is not 840-by-480 pixels, then the software might not work on your system. 
If this is the case, please try changing your screen resolution to different settings and see if it works.

Please cite the software as: XiaoYu Ge, Stephen Gould, Jochen Renz, Sahan Abeyasinghe, Jim Keys, Rohan Verma, Andrew Wang, Peng Zhang, AIBIRDS Competitive Track Software Version 1,, 2015. 


The AIBIRDS Competitive Track Software is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation 

Copyright © 2015, XiaoYu (Gary) Ge, Stephen Gould, Jochen Renz, Sahan Abeyasinghe, Jim Keys, Rohan Verma, Andrew Wang, Peng Zhang. All rights reserved.