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File Access

Postby Christian » Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:51 am

Our agent uses intermediate files to exchange information between components.

Is this possible or do we need to look for something else?
If yes, where should we put those files? /tmp or just the current working directory.

On another note, would it also be possible to exchange information between rounds, e.g. what shots were already tried?
1) From the technical side: In the sense that we could read those files again in the next round (i.e. we are running on the same machine, the files weren't deleted)
2) From the rules: Is that something that would be allowed, or is the only information between rounds the one we get from the server.
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Re: File Access

Postby Jochen » Wed Jul 24, 2013 2:54 am

From the competition rules: ... rules.html

"Each agent will receive a total of 50MB of local disk space on the client computer to store information. This includes the space required for the agent code. Client computers have no access to the internet and can only communicate with the game server as specified in the communication protocol. No communication with other agents is possible and each agent will only be able to access files in its own directory."

"After the overall time limit is reached, the connection of agents with the game server will be terminated. Agents then have up to two minutes to store information and to stop running. After two minutes the organisers will terminate the agents if they are still running."

If we change computer we will copy the whole directory to the new computer.
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