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New track in 2015

PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, 2014 5:15 pm
by Jochen
At the next AI Birds competition we would like to add a new competitive track.

In the previous competitions, agents played all the game levels independently and at the end we compared the overall scores achieved.
We would now like to add a new track which we would run in addition to the existing track. The following is a proposal how this track could look like and we would like to have your input into what you think might be best:

New competitive track

Two agents play the same game level competitively. Each level will be solved by the agents together as follows:
a. The agents determine who will make the first shot by submitting to the serve the number of points they are willing to pay for the right of the first shot. An offer can be a negative number of points and corresponds to the number of points willing to pay for the right of the second shot. Offers are not disclosed to the other agent.
b. The agent with the higher offer will begin. We call the agent with the higher offer "agent A", the other agent "agent B".
c. Agent A makes the first shot, agent B the second shot, agent A the third shot and so on, with a time limit between the shots. If an agent fails to make a shot within the time limit, the agent will receive a penalty of 10,000 points.
d. The agent that solves the level, i.e., destroys the last pig, is the winner of this level.
e. If agent A is the winner, then agent A gets all the points of the level minus the number of positive points agent A originally offered. Agent B gets the difference.
f. If agent B is the winner, then agent B gets all the points of the level, unless agent B made a negative offer. In this case Agent B gets the all the points plus the points agent B originally offered. Agent A gets the difference.

Example: agent 1 analyses the game level and determines that it can be solved in one shot and will earn about 25,000 points. Agent 1 then offers 10,000 points for the right to start. Agent 2 believes it requires 2 shots to solve the level and offers -4,000 points.
Agent 1 made the higher offer and starts. If agent 1 wins and the result is 24,000 points, then agent 1 will get 14,000 points (24-10) and agent B will get 10,000 points.
If agent 2 wins, and the result is 15,000 points, then agent 2 gets 11,000 points (15 + -4) and agent 1 gets 4,000 points.

Please let us know what you think of this, in particular:
Would you be interested in this track? Do you see any problems with the proposed procedure and have a solution? Do you have a better idea for a competitive track? Do you have an idea for a collaborative track that requires only a small change to the communication protocol?


Re: New track in 2015

PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2015 6:08 pm
by Jochen
We have now released the sample agent for the new track, including the game server and the new communication protocol:

Please also see the competition rules for further details on this exciting new track: ... rules.html

We do not expect too many participants for this track, so there is a good chance to win it if you decide to participate :)

Let us know if you have any questions.

Good luck to all participants!