@admin Is there any way to add my custom level to the game?

Please discuss here any particular game levels, any game objects or birds. How to deal with them, how to solve it.

@admin Is there any way to add my custom level to the game?

Postby pjc0309 » Tue May 02, 2017 2:18 am

This is a similar question as the previous post, but kinda different.
I've found some examples and tools for custom Angry Birds custom levels written in Lua, such as this one (http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/apachethunder/angrybirds/)
There are tutorials to add custom levels to the Angry Birds game, but they are for desktop apps, where all the resources are stored as files. It is a simple as replace a map file (written in Lua) to the custom one.
For the AIBirds competition, I'd like to add custom levels to the game so that I can train my agent with new/diverse environments.

I've checked the Application Cache that enables me to use the game offline, but I think the files are zipped into pieces.
Is there any way to add custom levels to the Chrome Angry Birds?
The competition committee must have a way to add new levels to the game, for the evaluation process as stated in competition rules.

* I've checked the chrome cache files for Angry Birds, and found the map files written in JSON format. It is not easy to find how to edit chrome cache files though....
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Re: @admin Is there any way to add my custom level to the ga

Postby Jochen » Tue May 02, 2017 5:16 am

I recommend you open the Chrome developer tools while running the game and check how new levels are loaded.
Then you can build a simple Chrome redirect extension that takes care of loading the levels.
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