Registration for the AIBIRDS CoG 2019 Level Generation Competition

All participating teams need to register for the competition. 

Early registration fee for registration by July 19 is USD 100 per participating agent. All participants who register by July 19 will be admitted to the competition. 

Late registration up to August 12 is USD 150. We reserve the right to close registration earlier in case the number of registrations is too large.  Registration after August 12 will be only on request.

Remote participation is possible, but attendance at CoG is encouraged. Every participant who attends the competition will also need to register for the CoG conference. Please note that according to the IEEE Game Competition Award Policy, participants who attend the host conference will have a higher chance of winning an award. 

Registration is a two step process: 

  1. Please pay the registration fee using the following PayPal Pay Now button. Payment can be made using all major credit cards and using bank transfer. Please enter your team name in the box below. After successful payment you will receive an email confirmation.


    AIBIRDS 2019 Level Generation Registration
    Team name


  2. Please register your team using the team registration page and create an account. When setting up your team profile, please use the same team name you used for the payment. 


Each person can be a member of at most two teams, unless permission has been obtained from the organisers. This restriction does not apply to supervisors of student teams.

Once registered, please send us your level generator including instructions on how to use it by August 12 for testing compatibility. You can revise your program up until the final submission deadline on August 19, 9am London time. Please also include a one page description about your level generator. Instructions on how to send us a zip file including your generator, instructions, and a one page description will be emailed to all registered participants.