Results of the 2018 Man vs Machine Challenge

Every year, the Angry Birds AI Competition is followed by a Man vs Machine Challenge, where humans can challenge the four best AI agents. The purpose of this challenge is to see if we have reached the goal of the AIBIRDS competition to outperform the best human players in playing new Angry Birds levels. A recent survey among AI researchers found that AIBIRDS was considered the AI Milestone where AI will beat humans next, so the pressure was on for AI to perform well. 

It turned out that we are not there yet. We had a set of 4 new and very hard levels and both humans and AI had only 10 minutes to solve them. Only 11 humans were able to solve all 4 levels. The best performing AI agent, BamBirds, solved only 2 of them. 

More details will follow, but it looks like AI still has a long way to go to beat humans in Angry Birds.