2015 Competition Schedule

Thursday July 31 (Finals), Ombu Room.  
14.00-15.00 14.00-14.10 Welcome and Introduction to Competitive track  
  14.10-14.40 Competitive Track Final  
  (IHSEV, S-Birds, Sample Agent)  
15.00-15.10   Break  
15.10-16.30 15.10-15.20 Welcome and Introduction to Standard Track  
  15:20-15.50 Quarter Final 1  
  (IHSEV, PlanA+, s-birds, Tori)  
  15.55-16.25 Quarter Final 2  
  (AngryHex, Datalab Birds 2014, UFAngryBirdsC, Adil)  
  16.25-16.30 Summary and Results  
16.30-17.00   Coffee Break  
17.00-18.30 17.00-17.10 Introduction  
  17.10-17.40 Semi Final  
  (1st and 2nd ranked teams of QF1 and QF2)  
  17.40-17.45 Summary and Third Place Winner  
  17.45-18.00 Short Break (Video of Competitive Track)  
  18.00-18.30 Grand Final  
  (1st and 2nd team of Semi Final)  
  18.30-18.35 Closing Remarks and Winner Announcement  
Friday July 31 (Man vs Machine Challenge), Registration Area  
10.00-17.45   Human challengers play for up to 10 minutes each  
  (everyone is invited to participate, register here, first come first serve)  
18.00-18.30 18.00-18.05 Introduction to AI agents  
  18.05-18.15 Third and fourth ranked AI agents play for 10 minutes
  18.15-18.25 First and second ranked AI agents play for 10 minutes
  18.25-18.30 Closing Remarks and Winner Announcement