2016 Competition Schedule


Thursday July 14 (AI Competition), Morgan Suite, Level 2.
15.10-16.35   15.10-15.15 Introduction
    15.15-15.30 Symposium Talk
      A. Nuradiansyah, E. Ziberi, S. Tirtarasa, and L. Schweizer
      SEABirds: An AHP Approach to Solve the Angry Birds AI Challenge
    15.30-15.35 Team Introductions (Quarter Final 1)
    15.35-16.00 Quarter Final 1 (Qualification Ranking: #1,#4,#5,#8)
      (HeartyTian, SEABirds, S-Birds, BamBirds)
    16.00-16.05 Short Break
    16.05-16.10 Team Introductions (Quarter Final 2)
    16.05-16.30 Quarter Final 2 (Qualification Ranking: #2,#3,#6,#7)
      (AngryHex, DataLab Birds, IHSEV, Naive)
    16.30-16.35 Summary Quarter Finals
16.35-17.05     Coffee Break
17.05-18.15   17.05-17.10 Introduction and Team Introductions (Semi Final)
    17.10-17.35 Semi Final
      (Four best teams of QF1 and QF2)
    17.35-17.40 Short Break
    17.40-17.45 Introduction and Team Introductions (Grand Final)
    17.45-18.10 Grand Final
      (1st and 2nd team of Semi Final)
    18.10-18.15 Closing Remarks and Winner Announcement
Friday, July 15 (Man vs Machine Challenge), Reception area, Level 2
      Human challengers play for up to 10 minutes each
9.00-16.40     (everyone is invited to participate,
       free tickets available at reception)
    16.40-16.45 Introduction to AI agents
16.40-17.00   16.45-16.55 Four best AI agents play for 10 minutes
    16.55-17.00 Closing Remarks and Winner Announcement