Welcome to the Angry Birds AI Competition Website

NEW (October 20, 2014): Chrome has been updated and requires a new extension. Download here
NEW (September 23, 2014): The 2014 benchmarks are now available!

NEW (September 15, 2014): AAAI 2015 Workshop on Physics-based Simulation Games: Call for Papers.

NEW (September 3, 2014): Photos of the competition on our Facebook page.

NEW (August 22, 2014): The winner of the 2014 Man vs Machine Challenge is a Human!!! See the results.

NEW (August 21, 2014): DataLab Birds is the AIBIRDS 2014 Champion! See the full results.

NEW (June 10, 2014): Call for Papers: Special Issue on Physics-based Simulation Games of the IEEE TCIAIG Journal.

Here you will find all the information about upcoming and previous Angry Birds AI Competitions. The task of this competition is to develop a computer program that can successfully play Angry Birds. The long term goal is to build an intelligent Angry Birds playing agent that can play new levels better than the best human players. 

The Angry Birds AI competition has been held at ECAI 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic, August 20-22. Please refer to the Call for Participation for further details. Previous Angry Birds AI competitions were held in Sydney in December 2012 during the Australasian AI conference and in Beijing in August 2013 during the IJCAI conference. Further details about these past competition can be found here

We provide a basic game playing software that includes a computer vision module, a trajectory planning module, and the game interface that works with the Chrome version of Angry Birds. The image you see above is a typical output of our computer vision module that detects and categorises the relevant objects and places a bounding box around them. 

We also have a discussion forum where you can discuss issues and exchange ideas with us and with other participants. On the forum we will also post the latest news and answers to some common questions. You can also leave a comment or like us on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for the latest news and announcements. 

There are typically two further events during a competition. One is the Symposium on AI in Angry Birds which gives the opportunity to present original scientific work related to the problems of developing intelligent Angry Birds playing agents. Please refer to the Call for Papers for more details on the Symposium. The other event is the popular Angry Birds: Man vs Machine Challenge where we test if the best AI agents can already beat humans at playing Angry Birds. 


We hope you have enjoyed the 2014 competition and look forward to an even better one in 2015!

Jochen Renz, XiaoYu (Gary) Ge, Peng Zhang and Stephen Gould
Australian National University