Basic Game Playing Software


If you are developing a new AIBIRDS agent, we recommend you consider using the source code of one of the successful agents from the past competitions as your starting point. 

In order to run the Chrome version of Angry Birds which we use for our competition, you will have to install the offline version of the game on your computer. Please follow the instructions here to obtain the offline version. 


We do not expect that all participants can develop all the basic components of an Angry Birds Game Playing Agent. We will, therefore, provide a basic game playing software that is implemented using Java and includes the following components:

  • computer vision component that can analyse a video game frame and identifies the location, category and bounding box of all relevant objects plus the game score
  • trajectory component that calculates trajectories of birds and computes where to shoot from in order to hit a given location
  • game playing component that executes actions and captures screen shots

Participants are free to use these components or can develop their own components. There is a small amount of uncertainty in the output that the supplied components produce and participants should take this into account when developing their agents.

The basic game playing software includes a sample agent, called the Naive Agent, that demonstrates the use of the provided components. The sample agent only uses the detected birds, pigs, and the slingshot, and shoots birds directly at the detected pigs using random trajectories. The sample agent also serves as the baseline that all participants have to beat.

The basic game playing software (Version 1.32) including the sample agent can be downloaded here.  

Please refer to the section Getting Started for instructions on how to install and use the software. Changes to the previous version are listed here.

Watch the provided sample agent play Angry Birds. If you think that you can do better, then you should definitely add your own Angry Birds strategies to it and participate in the next competition!


Please cite the software as: XiaoYu Ge, Stephen Gould, Jochen Renz, Sahan Abeyasinghe, Jim Keys, Andrew Wang, Peng Zhang, Angry Birds Game Playing Software Version 1.32,, 2014. 

The Angry Birds Basic Game Playing Software is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. 

Copyright © 2013,2014, XiaoYu (Gary) Ge, Stephen Gould, Jochen Renz, Sahan Abeyasinghe, Jim Keys, Andrew Wang, Peng Zhang. All rights reserved.